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Counting Our Blessing...Praying for a Miracle

We have created this space for family and friends to come to offer their prayers and to stay up to date on Jason’s medical status.

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Posted 2014-09-12T21:17:31Z

Falling Into Place

Thank you all for the kind words and prayers. We are definitely feeling the love and appreciate every one of you! Here this week’s update.

We have had a good week. Jason has felt well and he was very happy to be back home, especially since the kids fall activities are now in full swing… cheer, soccer, and flag football. Of the many activities Jason enjoys with the kids, coaching and watching them play sports has always been one of his favorite. Connor also had surgery this week to remove the tubes from his ears. Whoop! Whoop! Our little man has not been able to fully enjoy the pool these past few summers because of chronic ear infections. He is sooo excited that in 3 weeks he can swim under water like a fish! His surgery went smooth and his Daddy was there every step of the way to help him with all the scary parts of being a patient.

Jason also had a procedure yesterday with his dermatologist. A few months ago two cancerous lesions were found on his back. Fortunately it was not melanoma and ended up being very treatable. Skin cancer is one of the side effects of the anti-rejection medication he has been on these last twenty years. Yesterday he had the stitches removed from his back from the spot that was excised two weeks ago and had the other lesion removed. His physician is very confident she was able to remove everything. Cancer free! Yay! It is just a small victory, but we will take it! 

We are very optimistic that Jason will be placed on the transplant list soon. Because Jason needs both a heart and kidney transplant, he has two teams of transplant doctors (heart and kidney) that must agree and approve his placement on the transplant list. He had to be evaluated by the heart team first and then the kidney team. Jason’s doctors were proactive and started the evaluation process several months ago once they realized that they were not going to be able to save the donor heart (20 years is about the life span of a transplanted heart). With his heart and kidneys continuing to weaken, his doctor’s feel it is now the time to list him. Fortunately the last piece of the workup needed to be cleared for a heart transplant was obtained during his last hospital visit a week ago. His doctors then sent his case over to the kidney team for review. What we have been waiting on this week is this team of doctors to give the ok to list him. Jason has already completed testing and consultations with the kidney transplant team back in April, so as long as they don’t need any further testing, we should know something soon.

It has been a long road getting here…and we still have a very steep mountain to climb. We will continue to live and love every moment that we have and not give up hope that everything will fall into place. Thank you again for all your support and prayers!

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