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Posted 2013-01-05T04:07:43Z

Thank you & I'm sorry...

The adventure


-almost every


We strolled

along the

water's edge

-all the 

way downtown...

I do

not remember

rainy days

-the cold

did not

avert a


We walked

a lot

-both of

us drawn

to water...

It's funny

that I

don't recall

much of

-what we

did at


I know

you gave

me comfort

-just by

your presense...

Yes there

were fights

-angry words

-and with

all my


-please forgive


I know

I caused

you pain

-and for 

this I'm

truly sorry...

Where ever

you are


-I pray

God's best

for joy




-love in

your life...


There is always Hope!  I am so grateful for friends-so many I've lost due to moving, drinking, choosing different roads.  But what a blessing each one has been in my life.

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S



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