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Posted 2013-01-06T01:40:57Z

Forgive me please...

It is

so easy

-to say

I'm sorry...


-I don't

always feel

it from

my heart...

I am

working to

change this

-look at

my part

-say it

even if

I don't

feel I

owe the


I have


-why have

I not

made amends


Some people

would rather

-never hear

from me

-others are

too far...

There are

some apologies

-I don't

know where

to begin

-will it

just cause

more damge...

While I

have said

sorry to


-forgiveness is

impossible with

hardened hearts...

I know

simple words

can't change

the past

-it can

free me

& others...

To all

I have


-I am

truly sorry

-please forgive


This is

a start

-with a

long road

a head...


There is always Hope!  I can say sorry out loud & I know God forgives me-I really need God's help to forgive myself.

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S


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