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Posted 2013-01-23T01:14:13Z

I will speak my truth...

For a

"we program"

-in my


-12-step groups

have a

lot to

be desired...

They can

be what

they want

-especially the

ones who

have been

there a

long time...

Perhaps because

I don't

come off


(I am

without God)

-or maybe

I'm too



-who knows...

I will

keep reaching


-try to

connect with


And I 

will not

feel rejected

(even though

I have)

-when you

have no

time or

interest in



There is always Hope!  I try to speak from my heart-it may scare, put off some, however, I will not speak to be liked, I will share my reality & God blesses me for it!

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S


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