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Posted 2013-01-26T16:39:51Z

More letting go...

Yesterday I


-so much

hurt released...

Thank you

to everyone

-who prayed

for me...

Freedom from

addiction costs

-but it

is so

worth it...

I am

so grateful

-for my



-my Warrior Angel...

She had

the right

words to


-I was

able to

cry & 


The pain

others have

caused me

-does not

belong to


I am

allowed to

forgive myself

-& I

keep repeating

-God has

forgiven me...


There is always Hope!  It is amazing how much guilt & shame I've held inside, even though I have asked for forgiveness from people I have wronged-But, it is coming out, I am healing, thank You, God!

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S

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