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Posted 2014-10-17T18:51:51Z

Choose to be kind...

I know that I am hurting when I jugde others.  It can be phyisical and or emotional pain I am feeling-so I project it on to others.  I thank God, thanks God, for reminding me that it's about me, not anyone else.  So when I judge, I stop & say "beautiful child of God."

I have to do this (catch myself judging & stop, be mindful) on purpose, regardless of how I think or feel.  I am no better then anyone else, God loves us all equally.

I find it a lot harder, not to judge when I feel rejected, hurt, shamed, dismissed...  However, I know hurting people, hurt people.  And I make mistakes & need to be accountable (own it) & make ammends.

For, in truth, when I hurt someone, I am also hurting myself.

So many of us have neglected to be accountable for our words, actions, attitudes-one does not need to say anything to reject, dismiss or hurt someone, & this fact is sad.  I have seen it & felt it in so many communities & by individuals.

There is always Hope!  We can all start with ourselves by simply being pleasant & polite-saying, please & thank-you. 

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless You

J Christian S


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