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Larry McLarty came to Canada with experience as a Jamaican Constabulary Force officer, but after arriving in Toronto, he worked various jobs as a railway porter, a catalogue book packer, a night cleaner, and in a hospital kitchen.

When McLarty applied to the Toronto Police Service, he was disappointed to be told he was one-eighth of an inch too short. Then two months later, while being measured for a new suit, he discovered he met the height requirement after all. Mr. McLarty reapplied to the force and was hired in 1960 – the first black officer in Toronto. He rose to the rank of Detective Sergeant and retired after 32 years of service.

Alton C. Parker joined the Windsor Police Service in 1942, at a time when it was rare for black Canadians to be in positions of authority. Parker gained the admiration of his colleagues and in 1951 was promoted to the rank of Detective – making him not only the first black police officer in Windsor but also the first black police detective in Canada.

After serving the Windsor Police Service for 28 years, Parker continued to be engaged in his community and held a big party for the community’s children each year. During and after his police career, Parker received many awards and honours including having both a public park and a street named after him in Windsor.

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There is always Hope!  These people have broken ground for future generations.

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