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Posted 2015-12-02T20:57:18Z

I wish, hope, pray....

I wish

-I was

already living

back in


-a lovely


-down town

-to paint


-have internet

-feel safe

& warm...

I hope


-I have


-to totally


-let go





-& put

them on

-on purpose...

I pray

to connect


-paint more


-my teeth

get fixed

(in a lot of pain)


-where ever

I am


-Holiday Season

-that it's

the best

-one ever...


You are worth so much!  I have needed work done on my mouth for some time & now I have an infection, got meds for it, but I don't want to use pain killers daily (I wrecked my stomach before). 

 God bless you

J Christian S

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