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Posted 2012-03-23T22:55:51Z

Intimacy/Into me see

Being close with anyone requires a building of trust, care, mindfulness, common interests/goals/beliefs & so many other attributes.

I learned-Into me see when a facilitator talked about intimacy.  I thought, I have never heard it said that way, yet it makes a lot of sense.

Allowing another person to get close to you, takes risk on your part & theirs.  I like to say we all are a beautiful bouquet of flowers-share one of your flowers with a person & if they return one back then share another, & if they give more then you share more....not too share all of you at once & become upset, even devastated because the other person does not do the same.

More often then not we look for a person to fullfill our needs (that is your job) instead of looking into ourselves, with honesty, & figuring out what areas of our lives need change.

Ah, that means I need to be honest with myself-oh no, too stressful & painful, however, it is inside & does affect my life.

How can we start?  Be kind, caring, loving, nurturing etc to you!

And very important-not everything you find inside will be scary or painful.  You will discover a lot of strengths-how do you think you got this far?

Also, anything that has happened to you can be turned into a strength!

You will also find inside of you-the playful, care-free, creative & talented parts that get beaten out of most of us because we have to fit into societies rules.

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S


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