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Posted 2012-03-24T16:37:46Z

Freedom from shame

Shame hurts.  It can cripple us, erode our self-estem & keep affecting our lives from moving forward.

We can be shamed for our age, background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, how we look, dress, level of education, where we live, the job we have...

People who shame us want to feel better about themselves-it does not work & it will back-fire.

It is too easy too shame others, especially when it has been done to you, but, the person you are putting down, may be hurting so much already that you may be adding to their demise.

Too many people have taken their lives due to the constant shame they were exposed to-it is happening to so many young people & it should not be happening!

I have been shamed when I drank-and all I wanted to do was drink more to bury the shame & pain-I needed unconditional love & support.

I thank God that someone reached out to me & accepted me where I was at. You do not have to like the fact that some one is hurting themselves, however, you can love them & not judge.

There is always hope!  I am feeling good/healing pain today due to shame. By taking care of myself, being gentle, & reaching out allows the shame & pain to leave.

I have been blessed for so many years from all the supports I have & continue to receive-You do not have to live in shame, ask for help, you deserve to become free from shame!

I know it can be a challenge to get help right away, yet there are places you can call, be it a crisis line, warm line or a prayer line.

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S

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