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Posted 2012-03-26T21:51:20Z

Remember the good stuff

It is too easy, especially when you feel down/are in pain, to focus on the negative things from the past.

This morning while I was enjoying the sun, I was thinking about the fun times I had as a kid.  The more I was thinking about something, more good stuff surfaced.

I went to summer camp 3 times when I was younger & how I loved being there. We had camp fires every night, singing, stories were told & one year I went on an overnight canoe trip.

I had so much fun.  I learned to water-ski,scuba dive, all kinds of arts & crafts, and went horse back riding.  I made a lot of friends & felt like part of a big family.

I used to go with my family every year to visit relatives up north, who lived right by the water.  One cousin, who is a year between my sister & I would always hang out, go swimming & put on a singing performance for our families.

Another cousin taught me to horseback ride when I was 7 & I used to go & practise on her horse, bare back, & if I fell, Pride (the horse) would stop & let me lead him to the fense to get back on.

As a teenager, we took care of the horses from the same camp I had gone to in the summers past.  My sister & I had so much fun riding-feeling free when you gallop like the wind. 

Another thing we loved to do as kids was tree climbing-we would try to go as high up as possible.  One place we lived had a chestnut tree-the trouble we would get into, I look back & smile.

There were also different functions & celebrations I truly enjoyed being a part of either through the church, school & or the Finnish Community-especially during the holidays through-out the year.

As a kid, I liked getting attention, so I was very vocal, it sometimes got me into trouble, but I did make friends easily & quickly.

I hope you can remember good times while growing up.

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S


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