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Posted 2012-03-28T23:26:27Z

Trust Yourself

Trust: reliance on another person or entity.  I find it hard to trust others & I know that comes from being hurt in the past & I want to get past it.

Expectations is a big part of trust; I expect people in certain professions to be trust worthy, like fire fighters, doctors, therapists, police officers...

People in certain positions in life even pledge to be honest & trust worthy, yet too many times we give them too much power & quite a lot of them abuse it.

I have been hurt by the police, doctors, teachers-all because the power they have over our lives.

We do not have to accept their abuse & we can make complaints-& even if it does not seem to get anywhere, one day it will.

Do you trust yourself?  If I have chocalte in my home, I know I will eat it. And I will eat it whether or not I am hungry-so I know I can have it around once in a while.

I ask this question because we often do not give ourselves enough credit. When we know our limitations/what we can handle, then that in itself makes a huge difference.

There is alcohol in my home, do I want to drink it? No, & if I think of drinking I have a message so strong in my head that I will not-drink & drink, & lose everything until I die.  If you have a substance abuse challenge, try to keep it away from your home.

I know that I need quiet time before bed, so no TV/movies, I do not get into heavy discussions & stay off the computer-this works for me & maybe something else works for you.

I mention my quiet time as an example of trusting myself-if some one calls & I know it may be important, I will answer, but, I will let the person know I am getting ready for bed-I ask if it is heavy & if it is, can we speak tomorrow. This is me trusting myself to care of me-I know I will not sleep well if I have things racing in my head/or I am worrying.

Set up a plan: if you spend too quickly-buy everything you need & pay your bills before spending all your money-keep only what you need on you for the day.

When you are feeling vulnerable/sad/fearful-stay away from people or places that can be difficult to deal with/ask a friend to go with you.

Be kind, gentle, caring & loving to yourself-this feeds your soul & builds your strengths, thus helping you to build self-trust.

I want to talk more about trusting yourself, however, it is time to say goodnight.  Listen to your gut feelings, your inner voice & you will find that you can trust yourself more when you give you a chance.

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S



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