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Posted 2012-03-31T02:04:21Z


It has been a long week & a lot of feelings have been surfacing for me.  Good pain is always positive, but when my mouth & head start hurting, I know that I am stressed-& I do not always know where the stress is from.

I took a pill today & half an hour later my mouth was fine, however, the pain may return if there are issues I am not dealing with-always issues/challenges, just go away & leave me in peace.

Do you find yourself stressing over the simplest thing, but it consumes your whole being?  I do that when there are unresolved feelings of hurt & pain.

It is easier to focus on one thing then to face the real issue(s).  And today I attended a meeting at work concerning how we, as employees see the organization as a whole-I did not want to go, I did & my stress went up & the pain went up & I finally popped a pill.

It is so challenging to see the positive in anything when we feel so overwhelmed by stress-it affects our whole body & I could list all the aches...

I almost started crying at the grocery store-a sad & lonely song was playing.

Okay, I believe I have made a few points here-stress sucks.






Ask yourself if you are feeling any of the above?  It is easy to feel stress when we are out of balance.  Taking care of your basic needs helps you to stay grounded-it helps us to check in with ourselves & discover what's going on.

What is helpful?  Writing this, hot shower, talking to my friend about my day, having my veggies & hummus, & watching a movie.

There is always hope!  I used to carry around H.A.L.T on paper in my pocket.

God Bless

J Christian S

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