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Posted 2012-04-25T21:51:22Z

Words can...

There are


in words

-if I say

I will


climb this


I would

probably have

a very

difficult &

strenuous time

getting to

the top.

I would

most likely

feel extremely

exhausted &

maybe even

become ill.

When I say

I will reach

my goal,

with work

& determination

-I can


what ever

I set my

mind to


If I say

I'm poor,

how do I

allow prosperity

to flow?

If I say

things will

never change

for the better,

how can

wonderful things

occur in 

my life?

I choose

to speak

words that






As a person speaks, so they are... Please, I implore you to start speaking words that give life to you & others-words can really make a difference.

God Bless

J Christian S

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