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Posted 2012-04-30T00:14:55Z

We all....

We all have

stories in

our minds

-every event

makes an

impact &

it affects

our lives...

I have been


not heard,

so when it

happens now

-all the times

I've been dismissed,

from my past

affect my present


It is time

to write

new stories

-remind myself

I am here,

this is now,

the past does

not dictate

my life


I am deserving

to be heard

-so if

you can not

or will not,

value me

(as I am worth)

I will move




You are

not worthy

of my time!


Please do not take others for granted or let it happen to you-we can see patterns of this occuring when we take the time to reflect.

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S

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