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Posted 2012-08-26T22:58:46Z

Sharing Faith....

Even the most seeming devoted Christians have doubts, we all do. It is so important to give are lives & our wills over to God every morning.

Give God thanks & praise-say them out loud, write them down.

Psalms is a wonderful book of the Bible. David cried out to God about hurt, depression , every little & big thing. Believe God has great things for you everyday.

Claim by the blood of Jesus for total healing- mind, body, soul & spirit. Be specific & then thank God everyday for His continual healing, everyday, in every way. Thank God for continual blessings, everyday, in every way.

The more we thank & praise God (all day long) the more connected we become with Him!

There are great books that focus on prayer, giving praise, gratitude.

God Loves You, You (your name) so much! You are so important to God! "...if God cares for the little sparrows, how much more do you think He cares about us..."

Thank God how beautiful & perfect you are, here, right now, forever & always, in God's eyes!

These words I am using, I learned from others & made them my own. God is awesome & so are you, (your name)!

There is always Hope!  I wrote the above to a friend & wanted to share it.

You Are Worth So Much!

God Bless

J Christian S

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