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Posted 2012-02-29T00:57:02Z


I started swiming last December & what a differance it has made.  I have more energy, I feel good that my body is getting into better shape & I feel more motivated to do other things.[...]

Posted 2012-02-28T01:09:22Z


I read a post on facebook about brothers; how close they are & no matter what happens in life, they are always there for each other.

The same can be said for sisters & for brother/sister relationships.  I have been blessed with 2 brothers & 2 sisters.  I have been close to each of them at different times of my life.[...]

Posted 2012-02-27T01:57:51Z


Most of us obsess about money; whether you have enough, want more, what you would do/buy if you had more, thinking life would be so different with more.  I know that we all can feel very hopeless regarding money.[...]

Posted 2012-02-25T22:56:03Z


The need for touch, to be held, hugged & having some one hold your hand is so important.  We all do not have a partner to give & recieve this type of nurishment.  A baby that is not touched, can die-this is terrible.[...]

Posted 2012-02-25T05:10:09Z

I Believe

I believe we all have wisdom to share with this world.  All of our experiences, be they good, bad, happy & hopeless, makes us the unique individuals we are today.[...]

Posted 2012-02-23T01:24:17Z

Changing Focus

When I am in pain, be it physical or emotional-it is difficult to look at things with a postive attitude.  I do not want to think that everything is hard & it is not.[...]

Posted 2012-02-22T00:43:14Z


How we see ourselves is too often in a negative way.  We minmize who we are & what we have accomplished.

One of my favorite speakers says "Thank God I'm not where I use to be.....".  We may not be able to say that right now, however, we can start saying & writing down life affirming realities about ourselves.[...]

Posted 2012-02-20T08:33:38Z


I am so grateful for my family of choice!  They are so awesome-they made my birthday the best one ever!  I am so blessed.  This includes my wonderful & loving sister-Aija & my absolutely fabulous aunt-Marianne.[...]