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Posted 2012-03-31T23:04:08Z

Hope is...

Hope is when you hear from a friend you have not spoken to due to some misunderstanding that had stopped comunication.

Hope is getting unexpected money when you did not know how you were going to put food on your table.[...]

Posted 2012-03-31T02:04:21Z


It has been a long week & a lot of feelings have been surfacing for me.  Good pain is always positive, but when my mouth & head start hurting, I know that I am stressed-& I do not always know where the stress is from.[...]

Posted 2012-03-29T22:59:15Z

Trust Yourself continued

Trust: reliance on another person or entity.  We all have trust issues-we have all been let down, put down or simply forgotten.

It takes time to learn to trust anyone-I have heard the term; he is too trusting.  It is important to have faith in others, yet when someone lets you down time & time again-it's hard & especially if it is several people or a group.[...]

Posted 2012-03-26T21:51:20Z

Remember the good stuff

It is too easy, especially when you feel down/are in pain, to focus on the negative things from the past.

This morning while I was enjoying the sun, I was thinking about the fun times I had as a kid.  The more I was thinking about something, more good stuff surfaced.[...]

Posted 2012-03-24T16:37:46Z

Freedom from shame

Shame hurts.  It can cripple us, erode our self-estem & keep affecting our lives from moving forward.

We can be shamed for our age, background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, how we look, dress, level of education, where we live, the job we have...[...]

Posted 2012-03-23T22:55:51Z

Intimacy/Into me see

Being close with anyone requires a building of trust, care, mindfulness, common interests/goals/beliefs & so many other attributes.

I learned-Into me see when a facilitator talked about intimacy.  I thought, I have never heard it said that way, yet it makes a lot of sense.[...]

Posted 2012-03-22T22:10:43Z


Going to a friend's Hair Salon where she is having an art opening-it will be fun.  Do you have anything planned just for something different to do?[...]