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Jean Christians Jean Christians


My every wish is a prayer......

I wish to have a Happy Holiday and to carry that feeling always.

I wish to be surrounded with Peace, Joy & Love.

I wish to go to sleep, feeling safe & warm.

I wish to wake up with anticipation of the abundance awaiting me.

I wish to go out each day with courage & confidence.

I wish to come home each day feeling blessed.

I wish to greet each person with the spirit of kindness & compassion.

I wish to forgive & let go resentment. I wish to be forgiven.

I wish to be Healed in mind, body, soul & spirit.

I wish to be open to learning now & from my past.
I wish to be mindful of the present & enjoy each moment.

I wish to humbly acknowledge my humanity & yours too.

I wish to see myself whole & see you whole too.

I wish to be accepted as I am & to accept you too.

I wish to receive comfort. I wish to be able to give comfort.

I wish to be excited about the future.
I wish to let go of false expectations of others.

I wish to be LOVED & I wish You feel LOVED too.

I wish to meet & share my life with my Soul Mate.

I wish for all mine & your Dreams to come true.

I wish to grow in MY Faith.

I wish to be a friend & blessing.
I pray that I grow in my love-walk with God & for all of you too.

This, and more, I Wish & Pray for You!

J Christian S
2006 & 2017

Roxanne Sikes Roxanne Sikes

To Urban Angels: I love your art. #2 and #3 showed my life as well. I have done much art but I don't know how to put pics on puter so no one gets to see ours. Thanks, Pepper09mos

Team PostHope Team PostHope

Very cool and inspiring site! Looking forward to your next update!