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Time for a Break!

Stay together

Learn the flowers

Go light

— Gary Snyder

     Cleared for takeoff! I, Jeannie, feel remarkably well. I’m going on holiday with sisters Shari and Joni for 10 days to Nova Scotia and PEI. I have the strength and stamina for this trip, such a gift. The poem above is one of my favourites—a life-wide reminder of the most important things.

     Recent appointments at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary will allow the medical team to prepare the strategy for radiation and chemo starting early August – 33 daily sessions with time off on weekends for good behaviour.

     Someone shared another poem with me, John O’Donohue’s A Blessing for a Friend on the Arrival of Illness. The entire poem is on point with my experience and includes a stanza I will take to heart.

    May you find the wisdom to listen to your illness, 
    ask it why it came,
    why it chose your friendship,
    where it wants to take you,
    what it wants you to know,
    what quality of space it wants to create in you,
    what you need to learn to become more fully yourself,
    that your presence may shine in the world.

     I, David, am going paddling, hiking and recreating while Jeannie is away with her lovely sisters. I’ll drop in for visits with some of you, and I also yearn for time alone to mull and process. This is a difficult time. I’m also growing and learning and experiencing wonderful love of life and from my friends and family. Gratitude abounds.

Many thanks – Jeannie and David



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