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"Real" days - by David

    "Let's say," our six-year-old grandson began, "we've already lived here one-hundred days!" 

   Jeannie and John and I had just moved into a unit at the William Watson Lodge in the evening of the 22nd of February. And we were making it our home for the weekend.

   Our "hut" as John called it, was cozy. Just one bedroom where we could all sleep together. Skis and snowshoes outside on the porch. Snowbanks and ski trails right up to the edge of walkway.

   Jeannie got us into cross-country skiing 40 years ago and it's been a little piece of heaven ever since.

   "Today felt like a real day," I said to Jeannie after a day skiing on the 23rd of February this year. Sun shining, mountains resplendent in their shrouds of snow, trackset trail just perfect. So many days feel surreal as we face her death with appointments and treatments and end of life planning and the cloud of gloom that always rests somewhere - on the horizon or right on our shoulders.

   Each day is also a real day of course, but the days we ski and rejoice in life and light and physical activity are a real gift.

   When people ask me what they can do for me, I respond: "When you think of us please love the people in your life just a little bit more. Say I love you. Hug them..."

   Not much to report on the medical front; chemo continues 5 days each month or so. When Jeannie's blood work shows she is ready for another round of the pills she takes them at home to help delay the return of the cancer.

   Family member visits provide great solace and take energy too. Jeannie's sisters Shari and Joni visited and just as they were leaving the sewer backed up in our basement. Life goes on. Then we went to the mountains for four days! When we got back home Jeannie recuperated from all the various activities with several days under the covers with Netflix.

   This too is life.

   We thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers and messages.

   NEXT PUB NIGHT: Tuesday 9 April 2019 from 6-8 pm at Elite Brewery at 1319 Edmonton Trail NE. Street parking as of 6 pm. All are welcome.


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