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Posted 2020-01-06T16:22:36Z

Another Twist in the Trail – Pub Night still a go….

Jeannie is out of the hospital, the event was a Lacunar stroke and she is still happy and pretty. Almost back to full steam.

In the early hours of Saturday, January 4, Jeannie experienced paralysis on her left side. Paramedics took her to the Foothills Hospital where a CT scan ruled out a major stroke, but the symptoms fluctuated. She would get better and most of the movement of her left arm would return, then she would lose it again. Facial muscles drooped, her speech grew slurred – several cycles during the day. Through it all her eyes flashed. She smiled often, though sometimes just one side of her face.

“Mother said there would be days like this,” the old park warden said to me one day with a wry smile. In a life where we think things happen for a reason and making sense of the twists and turns is possible, it’s sometimes more mystery than mastery, art instead of science. And welcoming the gift that is each day.

Jeannie describes her brain cancer as a whack-a-mole game – knock the cancer back in one area and it pops up in another. The site of the original GBM tumour was in the upper right quadrant of her brain. The cancer now seems to be growing in the lower back part. The MRI shows that this stroke – apparently not related to the cancer – happened in a totally different area. The medical terms the oncologist used include “right internal capsule” as the location of the Lacunar stroke and that it caused “clumsy hand dysarthria.” “Capsular warning system.” Whatever that means! Medical people make up such funny terms.

Anyhow. We are back home after a night in hospital. Jeannie is still planning to return to her normal activities – including Pub Night on 21 January at Elite. Updates as this path continues.

Hugs, David

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