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Soooo What's the deal?

In January Jeff was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer, with a primary tumor in his lungs and two secondary tumors in his brain.

That super sucks, what treatments is he doing?

* Jeff has finished a course of radiation for the tumors in his brain. This seems to have worked because his vision is coming back. We need to wait a few more week for a set of scans to see exactly how well it worked. The side effects of the radiation have included hair loss, confusion, balance issues, and some radiation burns. The side effects are starting to go away, so that is great!

* Quality of life has been very important, so Jeff has been working to find a holistic set of treatments. Here is some handy information:

    * Rick Simpson Oil (Cannabis)

    * The Keto Diet

    * Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

* Jeff will be starting Chemo and Immunotherapy on March 27th

    Chemo is not something that anyone wants in their life. Luckily it has great results with this type of cancer. Recently doctors have been using it in conjunction with Immunotherapy, and have seen really great results:

So the $94,000 question, what does this mean?

This is unfortunately a very serious cancer. Most people succumb to the disease 4-6 months after diagnosis without treatment. That being said there is great room for hope. Normally small-cell lung cancer doubles every 10 days - 2 weeks, Jeff's has taken 2 months to double. This may be because of the Cannabis, the diet, the oxygen, love, hope, a crazy genetic deviation, etc., the great thing is that it is moving slower than average.  

Cancer survival rates are set at "5 year survival rates". The current treatment has not been around that long, so it is hard to gage what we are looking at, however his doctor is seeing one year survival rates going up from 5% to 20%. His Dr. thinks that looking at his treatment in a holistic fashion will help him beat this for a longer period of time!

Small cell lung cancer will normally go into remission after the first round of chemo, sadly it always comes back and does not respond as well the second time. The cancer comes back in many people in 6 months - 1 year. His doctor thinks that the combination of Immunotherapy and holistic treatments will help push that time out quite a bit, he has had some patients that are over a year in and have not had a resurgence! 

What can I do to help?

Come over and hang out, invite Jeff and Liz over for dinner, call and have a chat. Enjoy the moment, life can be fleeting, let's all enjoy whatever time we have in this place together. 


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