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Posted 2015-12-09T19:24:26Z

Released from the Rheumatologist!

Whew!  Chemotherapy really did a number on my body, but I seem to be getting a bit better each day.  

It is amazing how much muscle mass I lost and how quickly.  Currently, I am able to walk between 5,000 and 6,000 steps daily with only some sore muscles, but that is a marked improvement from a month ago!  The blood tests processed back in the end of October showed some muscle inflammation and that my thyroid was within normal ranges, so the Rheumatologist was leaning towards fibromyalgia as the issue that was causing the muscle pain.  Well, only a month later he changed his mind when he saw the physical differences a month more of healing made and when I explained that the aches are calming down as time goes on and as I build more muscle back.  So he has released me from his care with instructions to continue building my muscles back and call him if anything gets worse.  I hope to be up to 7,000 steps per day with no pain by mid-January!

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  • Linda Imler
    Linda Imler

    Yea Jenn !!!!! Keep up the good work.

    4 years ago · Reply