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Brenna McDermott Brenna McDermott

Wow sounds frustrating. Also sounds like you have an attentive doctor so I hope it goes smoother. Should you get a pick line? We miss you! Keep updating us and good luck!

Dale Cobb Dale Cobb

Not sure if you want to hear about here but thought it might be interesting. We have a better crew of Field Technicians here than we've ever had. Quincy, Antonio, Daniel, Jacob, Evahn and Doug top the list (not necessarily in that order). Very few with problems. The routes are tighter this year and the Field Technicians are getting done earlier with shorter routes. We have tried to keep routes to around 20 but it doesn't always work. Way fewer complaints about scheduling so complaints are manageable.

We are on a 4x10 hrs per week with a few carried over for Friday, myself included. I work most evenings for Enlightened Lighting or my brother-in-law's TaeKwonDo academy so having Friday off is really nice.

My daughter is/was married to Roberson who worked her but they are currently separated. The good news is that I get to see my daughter often and my grandchildren! My daughter is looking for a home based job so she can watch the little ones. Her daughter, Lilian, wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Not a night goes by where she wants to put a "cast" (TP around my arm) or give us all a check up with her doctor kit. She watches the Dr. McStuffin (sp?) cartoon on TV when its on. Elijha, her son is about 5 1/2 months old. Its good that he is happy all the time and thrilled easily. He only gets a lil cranky when diapers need changing or he is hungry.

We are considering moving but still working on details. It will be a local move (within 20 miles). The paperwork is a pain but owning a home in the area will be a plus.

Hope you have a great day and that all goes way better than you could have imagined.

- Dale