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I have created this site for family and friends as I kick cancer's butt. I will journal my journey. Thank you for your minds words and loving prayers.

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Posted 2016-07-02T21:32:52Z

Oncology appointment reflection

Last Thursday was my first oncology appointment. Reality set in as I walked into the office for the first time. I was not prepared for the emotions I had walking into the building. I had unfortunately told John to meet me there for the appointment and to not come early with me for blood work. I figured there was no reason for him to go early and watch me get blood work drawn. However, as I walk into the office a clear reality of my purpose and situation set upon my soul. I immediately called John and told him I over estimated my own strength. I told him I needed him now. (I gain strength and confidence from his presence and our love.)

The initial appointment was basically as expected. My oncologist is very kind and personable and she has great shoe style. (Funny side story….So in walks my new oncologist who is going to help cure me of cancer and rather than shaking her hand first and introducing myself I tell her I love her shoes. I quckly apologized and then introduced myself. She laughed and said we will get along great.) She spent a lot of time explaining the pathology results confirming that my cancer is stage 111 due to tissue layers involved and affected lymphnodes. (However, the surgeon is confident that he got all the cancer mass.) This cancer had apparently probably been growing slowly for years.   She had no explanation for why me.   I told her my life style is basically the opposite of a lifestyle that may increase the risk for this cancer. Sometimes cancer just happens.    

My treatment plan: folfox chemo therapy every other week for 6 months. Each session will be about 4 hours. I will meet with the oncologist before each infusion. Once my in office infusion is done, I will go home and a home nurse will come hook up an IV infusion that will be connected for 48 hours through a port. I will be getting a port implanted in a few weeks. The IV bag will simply be attacked at my hip and go wherever I go. I am thankful that I will be able to get my treatment every other Wednesday. On my treatment weeks, my goal is to be able to work Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The main side effects of the chemo should not start until Friday and will be over by Monday morning.

Speaking of side effects, I may experience the following side effects: nausea, fatigue,hair thinning or loss, dry mouth, lack of balance and cold sensitivity especially on my hands, mouth, and feet (it is recommended that I don't even get the carton of milk from tbe fridge and that I drink everything at room temperature.). Or fingers crossed, no symptoms.

Up coming dates:
Port implant surgery - July 22
First Chemo - July 27

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