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It's a slow process, recovery. At least for me. My surgery on the 15th of June went well. I was at the hospital for almost 10 hours; the Pre-Op & Post-Op nurses at Metro Health are fantastic. 

I've been unable to drive or do much else for the last couple of weeks. It's getting better. My abdomen is still quite sore from the incisions (4 of them) but since they had to cut through fat & muscle (and Fibromyalgia makes everything worse) it's understandable. I tire very very easily & my bowels are trying to adjust. I don't know if my intestines are settling into new places, but eating and potty-ing are different now. It's hard to explain.

The pathology reports found uterine fibroids & Adenomyosis. And the only cure for those are a hysterectomy, so my Dr was glad we made that choice. Now my body has to heal from the problems that Adenomyosis causes - because it affected more than just my uterus. And my body has to adjust to new levels of hormones as well.

I've been moody and depressed off & on, it's sort of like having a baby, actually. 

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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