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Quick Update

I haven't posted in quite awhile! Jonah left for bootcamp in December (before Christmas) and it was really hard for me to not have contact with him until Feb (other than a couple letters). He graduated from Bootcamp on Feb. 9 and we went down to Chicago area for the weekend to see the ceremony and spend time with him as he is now in "A" School and we can now text him. It was really difficult for me to leave him there even with knowing we'd have more contact with him. 

I came home with the flu which turned into Bronchitis and I was sick for about 3 weeks. Having Fibromyalgia makes everything twice as bad and twice as long to recover from. I'm still recovering. 

No big changes in my health. I am going to the gynecologist on April 10 to discuss having a hysterectomy. I'm just tired of the non-stop bleeding and other issues and treatments I've tried that have failed and am ready to just bag it. However, I'm terrified because I've never had surgery and I do not know how my body will react to having my uterus gone. So, pray for direction and peace. Thanks!


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