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Jerry Jorgenson - Minot, ND

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Posted 2018-03-16T01:45:00Z

UPDATE on Jerry Jorgenson: 3/15/18

In searching for a key word to use on today’s post, the word “SAGA” came up.  Before using it, kind of thought it was best to look up the definition and make sure this word accurately conveyed the message we wanted to send. Wow. Just wow. Here’s the definition:


noun: saga
1. a long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or Old Icelandic.
"a figure straight out of a Viking saga"
- a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents

Anyone who knows Jerry, knows he’s proud of his Scandinavian Heritage and can be, well how to put it nicely???  Kind of stubborn!  Clearly this stubbornness, combined with being Tough-as-Nails, is what has helped pull him through this latest part of his SAGA.

So what is the latest? Well last Wednesday, March 7th Jerry was discharged from Abbott Northwestern. He was told to stick around and stay close until he could have some follow up appointments. He did well enough with those appointments this  Tuesday March 13th that they released him.  Jerry & Pat made it home the same night!

Jerry still has healing to do, weight to gain and strength to build back up. But he’s home and already establishing a routine to accomplish those goals!  Hopefully he will soon be back up to where he was before and things will be less eventful.

We continue to thank all of you and the impact you’ve made on our family during this SAGA! Your thoughts, prayers, well wishes, gifts and overall genuine concern for Jerry and our family is greatly appreciated.

Please share with those who would like to know how Jerry is doing. If they register, they will be emailed when there are updates.

Thank you and God Bless


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