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Jerry Jorgenson - Minot, ND

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UPDATE on Jerry Jorgenson: 10/15/17

Wow! How things can change for the better so quickly when progress has been so slow to date. Yes, we said better! IT IS AMAZING!

We finally get to post really, really, positive news. Jerry has done more in the last 3-4 days than everything combined up to this point! More on that in a bit.

About 10 days ago, Jerry was transferred to Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul. It is an acute care facility that specializes in many different therapies. However, after several days there, Jerry developed a minor complication and a decision was made to transfer him back to Abbott to get it checked out. Remember the roller coaster analogy? Yowzers!

Back at Abbott, the Docs quickly pinpointed the complication were able to fix it lickety split. Then things started getting interesting! Jerry made some very large strides!

• They had Jerry standing for the first time since being hospitalized.

• The kidneys? Well they started working again! So hopefully no more dialysis.

• Jerry has needed ventilator support and they’ve been working to wean him off of it. Well for the last 3 days, he’s been completely off of it! If he continues to do well on his own, the tracheostomy tube will be removed from his throat soon!

• Communication? Greatly improved and we are looking forward to being able to hear his voice again soon.

Soooo, now that things are rolling, Jerry will stay at Abbott to see how much he can progress. The goal is to get him strong enough to go to the heart rehab wing! We are looking forward to providing you about his progress soon!

The entire Jorgenson family appreciates all of your well wishes and prayers! They have truly made a difference.

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Thank you and God Bless

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