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Updates on the health & recovery of Jesse Dupps

On Friday July 27th 2012 Jesse was in a car accident. This site will keep you posted on his recovery from his injuries.

Latest journal entry

Posted 2012-08-08T04:42:41Z

Update 7, 8/7/2012

Today I had goosebumps when Oz called to tell me that Jesse was able to come home!  I don't think anyone woud have thought that he would be home and doing so well so soon!  Praise God!

The doctors say that he shouldn't need any rehabilitation for his broken bones, because of the kind of breaks they are.  So now he needs to rest and heal.  He is staying with his parents and still not ready for visitors.  He REALLY needs to rest and shouldn't be up that much.  As Oz said, the biggest battle is over, now its the longest battle.  Oz and Barb wil continue to let people know what is going on and when he is all set up and ready to have visitors.  I will keep on asking for the good thoughts and prayers because clearly they are working!  Thanks everyone!

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