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Posted 2015-02-26T04:37:04Z

Good news!

We are thrilled to report that our appointment with the oncologist went well yesterday - about as good as we could hope!  Praise God!  The gist is that there was some residual cancer, but it was consistent with what was originally found and in the same area.  AND nowhere else!!! 

It has officially been staged at Stage 1.  In regards to future treatment, the basic recommendation is observation - routine exams and watching for other symptoms.  IF we decide to pursue it, another route is to get a second opinion from a medical oncologist about possibly starting hormone therapy (suppressing estrogen and progesterone, which feed the cancer).  

We are very thankful for this positive news.  The healing from the surgery is going well and we can now look ahead toward the future with more knowledge and hope.  

Thank you for praying! 

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