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Dec 5

Our family is busy scurrying around trying to get everything in for the holidays. You too? I know, it can feel crazy but it is usually worth it. I was just reading a post from someone going through a very tough treatment for a cancer diagnosis similar to mine. They have had different results than I did, but thankfully have some good treatment options ahead of them. 

I just want to reach out and say thank you. Everyone who kept tabs on me in some way or another helped me through this process. Those of you who have hung around long enough to deal with the post cancer anxiety get double thanks. What a bizarre phenomenon that is. You're healthy and not distracted by your charge through treatment, so you have time to worry about what could happen. It's insane, but also insanely common. I should have some sort of appointment late December or early January to check in with my doctors. For now, things are good and I'll keep you posted.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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