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Posted 2014-01-21T17:54:37Z

From the beginning...

Just to get things straight from the start...

  • Friday - I felt a lump at the base of my neck, along with soreness.  I figured it was strained muscles or something from a piggy back hiking experience.
  • Sunday - Further exploration revealed another funny lump behind my collar bone.  That inspired me to call the doctor.
  • Monday - I visited my general physician
  • Wednesday - I had an ultrasound in St Albans
  • Thursday morning - My doctor called me in to hear the results (we knew that wasn't a good sign).
  • Thursday afternoon - Needle biopsy followed by upper chest CT Scan.  The CT image revealed that I do have a tumor in my chest.  Likely diagnosis will be Lymphoma.  No pathology data to support that yet.
  • Friday - Open (surgical) biopsy followed by lower abdomen CT Scan.  First piece of good news!  My lower abdomen is clear.  Nothing abnormal found.  This is an indication that whatever I have, it is probably in an earlier "stage".