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Posted 2014-02-28T01:19:41Z

Feb 27

Getting to the end of the treatment week is tough.  I am waking up at 5 am feeling pretty sick.  I'm still able to choke down the steroids and they seem to keep me going.  I had nice visits with friends and family, which was great.  I'm now in full crash mode on the couch.  Chemo brain has taken over and I feel (to quote a friend who has been through this) like a "wet dish rag".  Luckily the pump comes off at 2 tomorrow and I will start the slow climb back to feeling better.[...]

Posted 2014-02-24T22:20:14Z

Feb 24

I started my second treatment today.  It went much smoother than my first one.  I had no reaction to the Rituxan this time.  Because my body has seen it before, it doesn't identify it as a "foreign protein" and accepts it just fine.[...]

Posted 2014-02-22T11:02:53Z

Feb 22

I've been feeling pretty good lately.  At my Thursday appointment they told me that my GR# (germ fighter count) was quite low, but that again, it was expected.  It just puts me in that mode of being extra cautious about exposure to sick people.  Campbell's school is on Vacation for two weeks starting Monday.  This is probably good because some really nasty bugs were going around!  I'm trying to enjoy the weekend because Monday morning I get my trusty little pump back.  That means back on the steroids and anti-nausea meds for the week.  [...]

Posted 2014-02-18T22:44:47Z

Feb 18

As if on queue, my hair started to fall out in clumps today.  I guess I was just waiting for it to happen, so good, it has happened. 

When Levi got home, rather than playing doctor, he got to play barber.  [...]

Posted 2014-02-18T01:33:58Z

Feb 17

Over the weekend I was battling some "tummy issues" that I won't share the details of.  Fortunately, they have been resolved and I am feeling much better today.  All of this is still a struggle - but I think I'm slowly getting better at it. I've been sleeping well for several nights which is a huge help.[...]

Posted 2014-02-15T01:57:39Z

Feb 14 <3

Happy Valentines day everyone!  We had a good day today.  Cam and I got out to shovel a bit.  Noni Karen came by for a visit so I got to call an old friend and take a rest.  We had friends for dinner who did most of the heavy lifting and treated us to chocolate fondue while the kids played outside in the snow.[...]

Posted 2014-02-13T20:26:11Z

Feb 13

Today was a better day.  Although I didn't sleep through the night last night, I got WAY more sleep than I had the previous few.  

My appointment went really well.  I saw one of the PAs that I'd only seen once before, but we talked about a ton of stuff that I was dealing with and it was really helpful for me.  They also told me today that Levi can stop giving me the shots until the next treatment cycle.  He was pretty excited about that.[...]

Posted 2014-02-11T15:23:14Z

Feb 11

When I created this site, I did it for the purpose of information sharing.  I don't really intend to use it as a journal to express how I'm feeling each day through the process.  I'll do my best to share what makes sense. [...]

Posted 2014-02-08T13:50:46Z

One treatment week down

It is Saturday morning and I seem to be doing ok.  The farther we get through the first 3 week cycle, the more we will know about how I react and how to plan for the 5 ahead.  I've been told I can expect to have a bit of a crash over the weekend and then I should start to feel a bit better over the two off weeks. [...]

Posted 2014-02-07T00:29:49Z

Feb 6

Well, it has set in.  I feel pretty gross.  The crazy thing is that this is VERY reminiscent of the way I felt during the first trimester of my pregnancy with Campbell.  Thinking about the wrong food item is dangerous.  The biggest difference is that I can't seem to sleep even when I'm tired - likely because of the steroids - which I get to stop taking Friday when my first treatment cycle is done (yay).  My night time anti-nausea medication seems to allow me some sleep at bed time.  I've been creeping out of bed around 5 am to get to the couch and try to get some food and more pills down. [...]