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Posted 2014-06-27T01:50:49Z

Jun 26

Life is actually returning to normal. It isn't so much my strength or energy, but little things like Levi and I joking around like we used to. Maybe part of it is him getting over this too. I even played kick ball with Cam this week while Levi sat in a lawn chair feeling beat. That is a welcome change in roles![...]

Posted 2014-06-25T00:11:11Z

Jun 24 - (Repost, sorry I was trying to make the photo smaller)

I'm working on my 3rd week post chemo. I'm still bald as could be, but there is evidence of eyelashes sprouting, so that must be a good sign. I had Levi take this photo of me so that I would remember the face that startles me when I see it in the mirror. Looking good for a cancer patient is way different than looking good. People look weird without eyebrows![...]

Posted 2014-06-18T20:30:16Z

Jun 18

A week and a half post chemo. I'm doing pretty well. I'm tired at the end of the days, but I can get through the days. Monday Cam and I accidentally went on a 2 mile hike at Niquette Bay State Park. Long story, but we had fun. I felt pretty icky that night, but didn't have any issues the next day. Most of my symptoms are fading or gone. My skin is still dry and peeling a bit. My taste buds are still not normal, but stuff doesn't taste gross any longer. The doctor told me that my taste buds would really need to be "retrained" (whatever that means). I'm eating plenty, so hopefully that will do the trick. [...]

Posted 2014-06-09T18:00:13Z

Jun 9

Today is my first real day of being off chemo. I haven't had a "fourth Monday" since January. I felt pretty good over the weekend, but only as good as I did every other third weekend through treatment. Today I start my recovery. I'm so excited. The list of things I want to do is growing. [...]

Posted 2014-06-03T00:59:08Z

Jun 2

Today I had blood work done. My hemoglobin has dropped back to 7.8. One of my doctors had said that if I fell below 8 he was ordering a transfusion. It turns out that the doctor I saw today didn't feel the same way. "Do you get out of breath walking down the hall?" he asked. I'm tired, but not that tired. He felt that if I'm not terribly dizzy and can make it from point A to point B without a problem that we should just wait and let my body bounce back on its own. [...]

Posted 2014-06-01T17:02:42Z

Jun 1

Unfortunately the mouth pain arrived on Saturday. It isn't quite as bad as last time, and I'm confident that it will be short lived. I took advantage of the opportunity to nap and get extra rest while we had family here. I'm surprised how much I've needed it. Maybe I shouldn't be though, as my Friday appointment revealed that both my white and red blood counts have dropped significantly. It will be interesting to see what the Monday report brings.[...]