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Posted 2015-12-18T01:29:36Z

Dec 17

It's been an anxious week. I'm trying to be confident in my body, and knowing it is staying healthy. I'm using my resources and getting lots of support (thanks everyone!) and trying to be aware that this will pass, just like all of my other panicky streaks over the last couple of years. This, however, is not the reason for my post.[...]

Posted 2015-12-10T15:12:35Z

Dec 10 cont.

Sorry for the continuation.

I have to add this, because it is positive. I just had another conversation with my PA. She talked with Dr.Unger and he said no way. He's not worried. I'll still plan to go in next week to check in. Hopefully all has blown over by then.[...]

Posted 2015-12-10T14:29:01Z

Dec 10

Bring on more drama.

Two nights ago I woke up with sweaty legs. Sorry if that is too much information. This alone doesn't seem like a big deal, but it was one of my symptoms of lymphoma. I called the doctor and got in to see the P.A. that day. When I stepped on the scale at the office, I didn't weigh quite as much as I expected. I've been exercising some and I have been a little busy. We're only talking a few pounds... but it caught me by surprise. I was escorted to a patient room and they took blood for tests. Blood tests looked fine, although my white blood counts were a little low.[...]