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Posted 2015-04-09T23:30:00Z

Apr 9

Back on the subject of hair growth after chemotherapy, I have bang photos to share. I am 10 months out from the end of my chemo calendar. I have had regular hair cuts which addressed only the hair growing down the back of my neck. I was determined not to have a mullet at any point in this process. The idea is, that to grow your hair out to one length again, the top has to grow down to your hairline. Trimming the back up won’t slow the process of getting to the cute bob style. When the hair was an inch or so, product would hold the front out of my face. When it was a little longer I would pin it back with bobby pins because it would NOT cooperate and do anything at all without the force of metal clips. I believe that I have finally reached a length where I can wear the bangs if I want too. Anything sooner than now and they looked like a three year old who had taken the craft scissors to her own hair. I must mention that my husband REALLY dislikes the bangs. He thinks I look like one of The Beatles. When I’m spending time with him they generally get the bobby pin treatment. The style that I want still seems really far off, but as I’ve said ever since regaining my brows and lashes – no complaints here! Also note that in the photo my hair is tucked behind my ear. It does come right down over my ears if I let it go. I don’t see “Beatles” as much as “Page Boy” (?) Is that the name for it? You know, the one that was popular in the late 70’s.[...]

Posted 2015-04-03T00:24:45Z

Apr 2 - Good news

We walked into CVHO feeling SOOOOOO nervous. Our 3:40 appointment had us in the waiting room until almost 4:00. Levi was wearing a hole in the carpet as he paced back and forth. My stomach was in knots. Finally, one of the nurses came to get us. As she showed us to our room she said, "Dr. Unger wanted me to let you know that your scan looked good.". It caught us both by surprise, because they usually don't do that stuff. I think Dr. Unger may have an appreciation for how anxious I can be. Whether that is good or bad, I'm not sure, but today it got us the news we needed a little faster! When he came in he said that my scan looked exactly like the one that was taken in January and this particular radiologist even commented that the one dense area noted at that time was likely thymus regeneration. Wooo Hooo.[...]