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Robin Horton Robin Horton

Hi Jessica, I found your journal when I was looking for some inspiration and information on what to expect as my husband begins R-EPOCH treatment for a rare form of lymphoma. I just had to tell you- 1. So crazy, but his start day was yesterday, feb2, so almost exactly 2 years from your start date. 2. I have found your journal to be incredibly informational and helpful to get an idea of what to expect in the coming weeks/months/years. 3. You have inspired me to start my own post hope page so that I could help someone like you've helped me.

I hope you continue in a healthy journey and enjoy a long and happy life!

Roberta Dean Roberta Dean

Dear Jess, Please know our Thoughts and Prayers are with you this morning. May God's Healing Presence be with you. We await your 'message of hope' and know 'all will be well'. Love MiMi & Bubba & Gary and all the Deans. Feel my arms around you and gather strength from both Bubba and me.

Heather LaVigne Heather LaVigne

Dear Jessica,
The last time I saw you was when you bought my Acura. The time before, you picked me up on Malletts Bay Ave with your VW after I had had a fight with my boyfriend. Twice, you've been the one to help me out. It's my turn now. I've thought of you now and then wondering what you were up to, seeking you out on Facebook. Yesterday, I saw you in someone's profile picture and you looked like the Jessica Leary I knew but something was different, something had changed inside of you. I could see it in your eyes. Laura Shea led me here, to your site, and I feel overwhelmed with emotion. My heart is heavy, saddened and in disbelief. But as I read more of the words of your story, I am moved, not just by your strength and courage, but by your openness, level of comfort, and honesty with your story. You bare it all. You're a fighter. You're a winner. God has blessed you to be a light of hope and inspiration to others. Please get in touch, 518-491-1696 or [email protected], it would be an honor to spend some time with you.

Amanda Hull Amanda Hull

Thinking about you lots! Hope all goes well tomorrow...can't wait to hear the good news :-) You're amazing! Love you!

Sarah leclair thompson Sarah leclair thompson

My father just told me the news and shared this link with me. Please know my whole family is thinking of you and wishing you the best! You have an incredible spirit and sharing your journey is going to help so many. If you find yourself feeling down just think "studabaker" 😄😄

Courtney Clark Courtney Clark

Just want to say you look absolutely beautiful! I am so sorry to hear about this diagnosis, but I know you are strong and will beat this in no time. My email is [email protected] :) Xo, love, Courtney

Shelley Wells Shelley Wells

You look so rad! Go Jess!

Diane Bahrenburg Diane Bahrenburg

The girls are "Ednas", the guys are "Eds", remember? And I agree, they're TOUGH. We made 'em tough. Jess, didn't you call the school from Dunkin Donuts when you ... wandered off the orienteering course? Non-plussed. No buggy. And let's not even talk about Montreal. You're TOUGH.

Harvey Cohen Harvey Cohen

Hi Jess,

BBurg sent me this info. Obviously I wish you the best. I went through this with my wife in 2000. It is a tough road, but now 12 years later everything is great. The best advice I can give you beyond the normal stuff, is try to eat plenty of food. My thoughts are with you, but as a former Action Edner, I know what you are capable of.

Bryan Fiekers Bryan Fiekers

Hi Jess and fam,
Very sorry to hear about this! Your perspective (gleaned through the website) is amazing. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Love, Bryan Fiekers

Gina and Bob Harnois Gina and Bob Harnois

positive thoughts always with you.....I'm here if you call xx

Karen Fiekers Karen Fiekers

So sorry that your are going through all of this! Your strength is incredible. Please let me know if we can help. Anna would love a playdate with Campbell!!!!

Ian McEwen Ian McEwen


Your doing great! I am amazed by your upbeat attitude and love being able to keep track of your progress. Let me first offer some congrats to Levi on his Medical Doctorate! What a great husband! # 2 Just so you know, Dennis recently got the same Katie Couric haircut and he loves it!!!! but in all honesty, you look a lot better with it than him... YOU ROCK!!! KEEP UP THE FIGHT!



Sarah Rock Sarah Rock

Jess, I am thinking of you, Levi and Campbell. I am sending lots of love and prayers your way. - Sarah