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Jesus Pacheco - Journal

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Posted 2010-11-21T20:57:20Z

Saturday Oct. 16, 2010

After being discharged at 4am from Palo Alto Hospital, I came back in the morning at 9am with my father. I went directly to the admin office in tears of frustration, I asked her to please help me admit my father.  The rep at the admin office gave me really great advice, and here we are still at Palo Alto Hospital.  Thank you Lord![...]

Posted 2010-11-19T00:04:55Z

Friday Oct. 15, 2010

On this day we decided to take my dad to a hospital in Palo Alto.  We arrived at 9pm and once again my dad was discharged! the E.R. doctor didnt even run any labs, and asked us to go back to the hospital in San Jose! I was in complete disbelief that this could actually be happening![...]

Posted 2010-11-06T22:27:40Z

Thursday Oct. 14, 2010

On Thursday Oct. 14 2010 we returned to the the same Emergency room in San Jose California and once again my dad was discharged. According to the hospital case worker, we had to wait for medical insurance to approve my dad, before being admitted for any x-rays and treatment! In a state of shock, we picked up and went home. [...]

Posted 2010-11-06T19:24:14Z

Wednesday Oct. 13, 2010

On Wednesday October 13th 2010 I rushed my dad(Jesus Pacheco)to the Medical Emergency room in San Jose California.  After the diagnosis and of renal cell carcinoma that leaked into the I.V.C. and into his heart we were discharged![...]