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Gemstone Jewelry Trends

Today, the craze for gemstone jewelry has touched the sky. The females are found of these types of jewelries as it solves two perspectives, one is relevant to style statement and other belongs to the enjoyment of healing properties.

Here we are presenting some awesome jewel types which will make you aware of the on-going vogue of gemstone jewelry.

A plush collection of jewelry embraces all the jewel types that we will discuss one by one. We will also bestow you some tips related to the dressing and jewelry sense which will aid you in enhancing your beautiful gape along with your gemstone jewelry.

  • Necklaces: The latest designs of necklaces that are usually picked by the females are choker, princess, plastron etc. in order to make you clear we will show you some patterns for the same.


Malachite sterling silver necklace in beaded form is a choker style neck piece. The choker sticks at the top of the neck like beaded neck piece and will look nice with a crew neck dress.


Turkish style Ruby necklace is a princess style neck piece. Princess style necklace will hangs down the collarbone and will look perfect with polo neck dress.


Peridot sterling silver necklace is a plastron like neck piece. Plastron covers the chest part slightly and is worn close to the neck.


  • Rings: The rings are worn toning with the type of celebration. Some in-demand contours of finger pieces are flowery, stack, stone studded etc.


The flowery pattern will go with matching pink flower print dress with glittering touch.


 The stack ring is actually an array of rings that are worn in a single finger.


Thai special Ruby ring made in silver and coated with 14k gold layer. Various gemstones including Ruby are bedecked on it. You may wear it when you go out for a holiday or casual meet with a matching tint dress.

  • Pendants: The simple form of necklace is named, pendant. The pendants look awesome when worn with matching earrings. The stylish pendants are cherished by the girls and women too. The styled that are loved most often are heart shaped, dangle, holy-cross etc.


Heart shaped pendant embossed with Multicolor Titanium gemstone. In order to enhance its appealing gawk you may put it on with square shape neck clothing.


Blue Sapphire pendant also festooned with gleaming white topaz gems. The perfect Turkish style pattern is followed to design this neck piece. It is go perfectly with a deep neck dress that will give a striking view to this charm piece.


White Pearl pendant with holy-cross contour is exhibiting its spiritual touch. This jewel item may get donned with a crew neck style dress.

  • Earrings: The ear pieces falls into two categories, one is long and other is small that sticks to ear. The patterns that are commonly chosen are chandelier, dangle, hoops etc.


A pair of Purple Amethyst sterling silver earrings is showing its chandelier style. It will look awesome with an open hairstyle. These will go amazingly with the long hairs.


The coral earrings carved made with sterling silver. The silver carving that is done covering the ear pieces is looking fine. The dangle may be worn with tied hairstyle.


Peridot quartz silver earrings in hoop style are well adorned with other colorful crystals also. You may put on pony hairstyle with these earrings in order to give these a clear visibility.

  • Bracelets: the wrist pieces makes the jewelry collection complete. There styles of bracelets that are mostly selected are cuff, bangle, chain etc.


Silver bracelet in cuff style displaying hand of god pattern will look nice with any type of attire.


Emerald bangle style bracelet decorated with White Topaz gems which may be worn with glittering green tincture dress.


Ruby bracelet decked with White Topaz gleaming gems is attached with adjustable lobster clasp that will get tied as per the width of your wrist. It will look beautiful with a pink tincture long gown.


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