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Healing Properties of Precious Gemstones

Precious gems, name of unique gemstones are recognized by their healing powers and properties. Here we will talk about all of these in detail along with their healing properties.


Emerald gemstone adds an astonishing rejuvenation value to the wearer. It is thought to conflict aging and revitalizes the weary organs when is placed on an appropriate place. Emerald is acknowledged as a strongest healer of the heart and is also used in the treatment of the muscle system, spine, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, liver and lungs.

Emerald Healing Properties

The crystal of heart, emerald alleviates the heaviness that the owner experience in the emotional terms. This charm nourishes his aura with the power of the hope, abundance, gentleness and encouragement.

Emerald symbolizes the patterns of the energy of triggered Heard Chakra. This chakra lies near to the midpoint of the breastbone.


Ruby, a king of gemstones, is employed to detoxify the wearer’s body, lymph and blood and also treats infections and fever. This talisman simulates the spleen, kidneys, and adrenal glands and helps inadequate flow of energy and circulation in the legs and feet.

Ruby Healing Properties

Ruby is a gemstone which allows sharing of the loving powers regardless of the past hurts, which brings up the negative energy and anger from the transmutation.

Ruby takes along the frequency of the Base Chakra which simulates the stream of the life force power through-out the body. It makes itself powerful so that it may accomplish the requirements and meet the desires of the person.


Most of the people believe that Tanzanite makes the immune system of the wearer stronger, detoxifies the blood and recovers the vitality. It endorses the regeneration of the hair, skin, cells and protects the person from the side-effects of surgical and medical intervention.

Tanzanite Healing Properties

Tanzanite produces the power of the glee and relief from the worries which allows the insight into the emotional problems without any need of staying with it unnecessarily. With this talisman the person feels more centered, loving and compassionate.

Tanzanite excites the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras which unites the higher mind with the communication and intuition.  


Blue Sapphire helps the wearer in healing all his parts of body and also soothes insomnia. It is used externally as an elixir as Sapphire soaked water is taken as a good purifier.

Sapphire Healing Properties

Sapphire is also effective in curing even psychosis or neuroses.

The Blue Rays which belongs to Sapphire are quite ideal for utilizing and awakening the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. These chakras have the caliber of the inner vision and are also capable to communicate the vision of a person to others effectively.


Most of the people consider Diamond as a Master Healer which unifies the body and mind. Diamond is used as a support charm which amplifies the energy of the other minerals when it works on the specific issues.

Diamond do not world indirectly on the emotional body, its intense power can strengthen the power of all the emotional state, from happiness to hopelessness and should also be worn with awareness.

Diamond Healing Proprties

The high frequency power of Diamond simulates and also opens the chakras especially Etheric and Crown Chakras.

After going through a creative article above you might have understood the behavior of all the precious charms in every field of healing whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. 

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