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Health updates

Jill is working on being healthy and is undergoing treatment for a recently diagnosed concern.

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Jilly update 6-17-18

Platelets are still not to the level to re-start chemo. This is very discouraging. However, the shingles are cleared up !!  Jilly is alert and working hard with PT. She is able to stand with assistance and move to a chair with assistance. Today she is coming home to celebrate Fathers Day with me and kids. We will take the small wins !!

Thank you again to the Moms with the meals. I know I have "rain checked" a few.  Kids are out and about and I am traveling a bit.  We appreciate all of the gift cards as well. The kindness is overwhelming.  Happy Fathers Day to the Dads in our circle.  Your help, kind words and understanding is also appreciated.  Jeff


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