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Jill's Bucket of Shit

We all have a bucket of shit. Here's the story of mine.

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Posted 2017-02-13T23:35:31Z

Who ya gunna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

My urologist scheduled my stent surgery for 6:30am, she said, because I'd have time to get them taken out the same day if I was miserable.  According to the anesthesiologist when he said I could countdown to knock out I started at 11,000.  Needless to say I was feeling no pain when I woke up.  Or the next day. Or the next.  Did have a catheter for a few days but was able to take that out and go to work Monday morning.  Every single medical professional I know is in complete disbelief and I've even been accused of faking feeling good just to avoid getting the bags.  The ONLY problem I've had with the stents is that I am up every hour on the hour at night peeing. So lack of good sleep is making me a zombie.  The only viable solution is to throw on a diaper and hit myself over the head with a hammer.

I've been back to see the oncologist and he admits my cancer is giving everyone a run for their money.  He explained that it's "undifferentiated" and when I asked what that meant he said, "Well it's not typical, it doesn't respond to tried and true treatments, it's a mystery, it''s basically like Ghostbusters! It just oozes up."  Who ya gunna call?!  That said, he's going to start me on an oral chemo called Stivarga.  He said it's harsh but since I'm obviously "rugged" he'll give me the full dose.  I also okayed it with him to start taking fermented wheat germ, a super powered green drink, and cannabis oil. All of this for about 3 months and then rescan.

In other news, I had a mammogram (came back fine) and my annual physical.  When I got the call that my pap came back abnormal I honest to God started laughing on the phone! The doctor thinks I'm crazy now but of COURSE it came back abnormal---it's me we're talking about :-)  I go in at the end of this month for biopsies to determine why. Could be a lot of things besides cancer.  Either way it is what it is. I'm okay with this all.  Swear.  And trust me it's much more productive to laugh about it than cry about it. 

I'll try to post updates more often, I'm sorry for worrying everyone! I'm still working full time (plus side job) and if I'm not working I'm probably asleep. Thank you all though for so much love and support!



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