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Jim Guirard

Jim was diagnosed with metastatic sarcoma in November.

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This is Sunny. I asked my mom to let me create a Posthope blog, because I know a lot of people love and care about both of them and want to know how my dad is doing. In October, he discovered a lump in his right leg (his polio leg) just above the knee. It grew rapidly and was discovered to be malignant. After consulting with doctors at M.D. Anderson and in Virginia, it was determined that amputation was probably the best way to go. Removing it would've been very difficult, and possibly life-threatening, given that it was a compromise leg in the first place. This is a metastatic sarcoma which has spread to the lungs. They are now preparing to proceed with chemotherapy. They will be living at Nine Oaks while my dad is receiving treatment prescribed by M.D. Anderson, but overseen by an oncologist in Lafayette Louisiana.

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