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God's Engineering - Kefir & Lactic Acid - Confusion, Misinformation & The Faulty Premise

Facebook posts - August 2015 thru September 15, 2015

August 16, 2015
Don’t Blame the Engineer for your Maintenance Issues !
When our car breaks down how quickly do we assume it was a design flaw instead of the fact that we never changed the oil or worn-out coolant or spark plugs or that we used the wrong fuel (or whatever else) and failed to meet the manufacturer’s guidelines. It doesn’t matter if we were lazy or negligent or just simply ignorant – It was not the engineer’s fault.
In contemplating all of the amazing, intricate and beautiful functioning of the human body and its Immune System, it occurred to me just how far we have gotten away from God’s design and intentions. How often we ask “Why God? How could you have let this happen to me or someone I care about?” and then pray that He will just “fix it” without addressing our responsibility and the underlying issues. This applies not only to our physical health issues caused by a diet that is based on convenience, taste (pleasure) or cost rather than nutrition. But it also applies to the spiritual issues that affect our marriages, friendships and emotional well-being. If we eat mostly fast food or processed foods and consume sodas, chips and sweets, while laying around on the couch or sitting with our phone, computer or TV, we should not expect to have good health. In the same way if we neglect or poison our spirits because we don’t control what we expose our minds to, or fail to worship, pray, fellowship (church and other “God centered” social experiences) or get instruction and encouragement from our Creator by reading our Bibles – we should not expect good spiritual health and meaningful purpose.
You will always be able to find someone who is willing to sell you their “magic pill” or “self-help book” that will mask your symptoms temporarily – But if you are truly interested in good health and a meaningful life you will only find that by following the Creator’s (Jesus) design.
God is Great and God is Good!!! – Give Him the honor He deserves and accept the grace he has so freely made available.


August 24, 2015
Cancer Update – Unleashing the Hounds !

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! It is amazing to think about. Your workmanship is marvelous—and how well I know it.
Psalm 139:14
Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways!
Romans 11:33

Since I began making and using the Raw Milk Kefir and Coconut Water Kefir, I am seeing definite positive changes in my cancer symptoms. It started when I first had some coconut kefir. I drank a full 8 oz. serving and about two hours later I began to feel feverish – My head and neck felt hot but I did not register an actual fever until several hours later. I got a headache, my ears hurt and I generally felt like I was getting sick with a head-cold. Also both of my burst lymph nodes began producing more puss. These symptoms were uncomfortable but I believe they were indicative of a triggered Immune System response that stimulated the destruction of cancer cells. Later in the late evening the fever broke and I felt better. I continued to use both types of kefir and after a couple of days my symptoms were less severe and my left lymph node stopped producing any puss at all and had formed a progressively diminishing scab that has just now come off. My doctor had told me that it would never heal because of the cancer. The healing of this open wound is a strong indicator – the cancer that was in its general area is now gone! Also the discharge from my left ear is beginning to normalize. My doctors had said that the greatest concentration of tumors was on my right side. That lymph node is still generating a lot of puss and the pussy drainage from my right ear remains high and still increases after I drink the coconut kefir. This strongly suggests cancer cells are dying as I don’t believe there’s any evidence to suggest they are growing, which is the normal reason for cancer related lymph node problems. As cancer tumors grow the cells in their center mass normally die – this is what usually causes problems for the lymph system.
Kefir contains “Right-Handed” lactic acid. It is formed during the fermentation process and is what gives it its slightly sour flavor. There is a lot of conflicting information regarding the dangers and benefits of lactic acid because there are actually two types. Their chemical designations and bonds are the same but the molecular structure of one is reversed (wound backwards – “Left-Handed”). They used to manufacture a Left-Handed synthetic sugar for diabetics. It tastes just like sugar but the body sees it as inert and simply flushes it as waste. This is also the reason many synthetic vitamins are completely useless and many medicines must be made from natural sources. Kefir contains the beneficial type of lactic acid while yoghurt contains the other. Cancer tumors produce “Left-Handed” lactic acid and this BAD type of lactic acid is treated by the body as a toxin and it is what is responsible for the Cachexia Cycle. This is what causes the wasting away and death of many cancer patients. It had been believed that lactic acid was always bad for the body, but recent research involving highly conditioned athletes reveal that muscles can burn Right-Handed lactic acid directly as fuel. It had been thought that the reason there was less LA present in athletes was their muscles were producing less, but it has been discovered that their muscles are actually using it. Healthy cells are able to burn “Right-Handed” lactic acid directly but cancer cells are not.
Google “health benefits of kefir”, “kefir cancer” or “kefir (the malady of your choice)”. Everything from digestive problems, adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia to autism – you will find people attesting to its effectiveness in helping the body cope with the problem. Kefir (and some other fermented foods) is very high in Vitamin K2 which is produced by the bacteria during the fermentation process, so it also should help osteoporosis sufferers. The body must have K2 to properly use and manage (move around) calcium. Americans generally consume more calcium than the body needs and excess calcium interferes with the absorption of other nutrients and bodily functions.
The same time I began using kefir I also started using D-Ribose – a simple sugar that improves cell oxygenation and energy use efficiency. Athletes use it to help recover after exertion and it is recommended for cancer patients battling cachexia (lactic acid cycle). Since I started using it I have gained at least 4 lbs. in the last 1-2 weeks. I still have a difficult time in the morning but my energy levels have improved and are more even throughout the day with fewer episodes of extreme dizziness.
Continuing thanks to all who are interceding in prayer on my behalf. God is leading me and healing my body.
God is Great!!! And God is Good!!!
The beauty and complexity of His designs are unfathomable. And His Great Power and Majesty transcend every attempt to measure.

September 8, 2015
Cancer Update – Sometimes you Need a Really Ugly Looking Miracle!
My left lymph node (the one that had healed) has again swollen and burst. It now looks worse than it did before. My right lymph node has produced a very ugly looking wound as well. Also the puss that has been draining out of my right ear now has a clearly identifiable burst node in my ear canal to explain it. There is a seemingly incredible amount of puss draining from the two on my right side while the one on my left is comparatively quiet. I discovered that part of the reason I was in so much pain was because the bandage was exerting a back-pressure on the puss holding it in instead of promoting its release. All this sounds very disgusting – because it is! – BUT sometimes you just really need an Ugly Looking MIRACLE!!
What all this means is there are a massive number of cancer cells dying. My Immune System has apparently gone on the rampage against the cancer and has developed a momentum like a fire that will not be quenched until there is nothing left to burn up. I am still feeling the painful effects from the cancer toxins which are being released by their death. Please pray that God will protect my body from further damage and continue to grant me some release from the pain.
As I write this I am in tears overwhelmed by the goodness of God and the mysteries of His Mighty power that I have been experiencing first-hand.
Thanks for your continuing PRAYER Support!! – God IS GOOD!!!  - There can be NO DOUBT about that!!

September 15, 2015
Cancer Update – When what you think you know is Wrong!
I found out today what my cancer ENT doctor told me about my burst lymph nodes was wrong.
He had told me the problem was an infection caused by the death of cancer cells and that antibiotics would be useless to address the problem. He looked in my problematic right ear with an otoscope (the little flashlight thing that looks like a small lighted funnel) and said that because of all of the accumulated fluid he couldn’t see anything that might be helpful. He said that the lymph nodes would always be an untreatable problem because of the cancer. It is hard to excuse what at best was professional ignorance or carelessness.
The ENT I saw today actually “vacuumed”  out some of the puss from my right ear and said that the problems were due to an ear infection caused by the estuation tubes being blocked (likely because of the cancer tumors but not because of dying cancer cells) which was causing chronic inflammation resulting in infection of the ear. Also he saw granulation tissue (prompted by inflammation – this is normally good because it is the tissue that forms over an open wound – but it is bad here because there is no open wound – only inflammatory irritation caused by the infection) which was why he could not see into the ear. This condition IS treatable with ear drops containing an antibiotic and steroid.  So, even though there may be cancer in the area, and that cancer is what caused the infection, the problem is the infection. This can be treated and the lymph nodes can heal when the infection is dealt with. Also based on my weight gain he feels that I am indeed being healed of the cancer – just not due to the reasons I thought.
This experience highlights the importance of having an accurate premise when evaluating observed facts – so you can reach useful conclusions. Unfortunately I had no way of knowing I was making decisions based on bad information. You just don’t know what you don’t know so you have to continually re-evaluate your premises to make sure you are on the right track. This is why I wanted to see the ENT who had previously helped me with useful information based on actual observation, to determine if what I thought was happening actually was.
I have prayed that God would indeed protect me from my ignorance and he has answered that prayer and provided me with an ENT who actually cared about his patient enough to perform a useful examination.
Please continue to pray for me and ask God to heal the ear infection and associated problems as well as continuing to heal me of the cancer.


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