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Posted 2012-12-11T02:30:24Z

Another posting from Jim

Here I am awaiting surgery. I was under the impression that if someone had a dislocation then they would need immediate medical attention and boy am I wrong.

I am waiting for a call from my doctors office to schedule a full hip replacement surgery. I talked with my docs surgery scheduler and she said if my insurance company authorizes this doc to do the surgery then I have wait till February. I yelled " I am sitting in my wheelchair with my femur bone out of its socket !" She ackowledged that my doc intiated conversation with the ortho dept at Balboa Naval Hospital and that I may have the surgery performed by them. Of course I said hand me over I'm ready to go today ! 

For those of you who have not had to be in a wheelchair let me give you some of my observations.  I have been taken care of in stores or offices that I have not experienced before being in a wheelchair.  I have received kind help with entrances and also with someone who helped by putting my wheelchair in my truck. I have been given freebies from those nice people.  In addition my eyes are now at a lower level which is more bad than good. :o)

Thank you guys and gals for posting to this site and learning of my healing plusses and minuses. I hope to be back to somewhat normal and also back to work before February. It would be nice to meet that month I mean afterall I have missed every work goal I set for myself. Bye


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