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Posted 2013-03-03T22:47:17Z

The 5th and Final Surgery Procedure ( I Hope )

Hello folks,  I am posting once again as I have been scheduled for knee surgery on Wed Mar 6th and that I hope will be my final sugery derived from the critical vehicle accident on may 23rd 2012.

I have not been able to walk without crtuches as my knee will not allow my leg to extend as it is locked up at about 40 degrees. I'll have surgery at Balboa Naval Hospital here in San Diego and I am so happy to be worked on by my military brethern. The doctors, nurses and corpman are the best and I know this for sure since I have about four months of hospital time at two other hospitals. (ugh)

The surgeons have said the operation will take about two hours. When the surgery is completed I will have a cyclinder cast on my leg which is started about 6 -8 inches above my knee and the cast will end at about 6-8 inches beneath my knee which means mobility will be a pain once again. 

My thoughts are "LETS GET THIS DONE !" so I can walk somewhat normal again and be done with surgery, hospitals and dealing with insurance companies.

I have been at work now three weeks and OMG I have been stoked to see everyone and my smile is much bigger than it was before the accident. A bad thing is to heat up my dish in the microwave and have to ask someone to carry it to my desk as I am  embarrassed but let me say that everyone wants to help me which is sooo cool. 

Oh to be able to hold a cup of coffee in my hand and walk to my friends and peers desk to talk business or have a "what did you do over the weekend" conversation will be a huge welcome after I attend rehab and eventually store my crutches in a deep and dark closet.

I was supposed to stop this blog website a bit ago but I did not because it's so cool to read everyones blogs. Thank you guys and gals and I write again after my Wed surgery. Bless you



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