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Posted 2012-11-04T22:15:51Z

Finally a Blog from me.....Jim

Good afternoon to all of my friends who visit this website. I am amazed at the many folks who have followed my many ups and downs during my long recovery period. I have received many cards and a gift bag from the Logisticians at work and I thank all of you for helping me heal with the many prayers you have offered. My priest, Father Jack Barker visited me three times in the hospitals and the first two times I was not aware he was there as I was incoherent. We had a very good talk the third time and he had told me that there was a period in the beginning that he and others thought that I may not make it. It was during this part of the conversation I had become very emotional and Father Jack started saying many prayers and anointed me with oil. To my surprise Father Jack coordinated with the Bishop to visit me here two weeks ago. Bishop Gerald Barnes anointed me also. It is no surprise that I became closer to God after this tragic vehicle accident.[...]

Posted 2012-10-13T19:50:29Z

Home At Last

Jim is making progress using the walker. Still only on one leg so can't go to far. Will start home PT this week. Drop him an e-mail or text when you have time.[...]

Posted 2012-10-05T03:46:17Z

4 Oct 2012

Insurance denied our appeal for coverage at Fallbrook for 21-27 Oct. Since Jim had the cast removed they approved a new request Jims stay at Fallbrook for 27 Sep through 10 Oct. Not sure Jim will be able to wait that long. He is so ready to come home. He is doing great but still needs just a bit more P[...]

Posted 2012-09-26T03:39:25Z

25 Sep 2012

Our insurance co must be getting tired of all the bills they have received for Jims care. They have denied his continued care at Fallbrook as of last Friday.[...]

Posted 2012-09-06T05:34:08Z

5 Sep 2012

Jim had a busy week with x-rays, ultrasound, and CT scan. He was cleared by the neurosurgeon to discontinue wearing the neck brace and had a good outcome from the ultrasound and CT scan. However the Orthopedic Surgeon feels Jim needs another 4 weeks in the cast which means he will stay at Fallbrook for a bit longer. We are disappointed that he won’t be coming home for a few more weeks but understand that this is necessary in order to allow more time for healing. The Dr did remove a small portion of the cast behind the knees on both legs to allow Jim a bit more movement so the Physical Therapists will be working him a little harder. The staff at Fallbrook has been really great. We couldn’t ask for a better place for Jim to rehabilitate.[...]

Posted 2012-08-04T05:34:29Z

3 Aug 2012

It will be a week tomorrow that Jim transferred to Fallbrook Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility. He has been sleeping better the past few nights. Physical Therapist have been working with him on upper body strength and range of motion with his hip and knee. He also has Occupational and Speech Therapy daily. He complains he never has time for a nap during the day because they keep coming in to bug him, but he always has a smile for them when they come into the room. His appetite has gotten a little better the past day or two but he has lost another 10lbs for a total of 40. Now that he is getting a little workout during the day we hope his appetite will return.[...]

Posted 2012-07-28T01:29:25Z

27 July 2012

Jim has been having a rough time since he’s been back at Palomar. The pain meds have caused a lot of confusion and hallucinations. He doesn’t get much sleep. The dr feels that due to the brain trauma he is more sensitive to the medications. I apologize if anyone has received a strange text msg or phone call from him.[...]

Posted 2012-07-22T23:47:37Z

22 July 2012 4pm

It was a difficult procedure but the surgeon was able to get the hip back in place. They put a cast on his lower legs and a pole between to keep the legs apart and the hip in a more stable position. Hopefully after 6 weeks the hip will be stable enough to remove the cast.[...]

Posted 2012-07-22T18:00:09Z

22 July 2012

Jim is scheduled to go to the surgery room at 1. If they can put the hip back in place (under general anestisia) then no surgery required.[...]