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Posted 2012-07-22T04:21:20Z

21 July 2012

Jim’s day started out great yesterday. He had a shower, ate well, napped, and spent time with family. But when putting him to bed we noticed his hip didn’t look quite right and his right leg was about 3 inches shorter than the left. So here we are again at Palomar Hospital. Unfortunately the ER drs could not put the hip back in the socket this time. I was on the other side of the curtain as they were tugging and pulling and heard Jim wake up while they were trying to get it back into the socket. He is a tough one. Pain meds couldn’t come quick enough. He has been admitted and is resting comfortably.[...]

Posted 2012-07-20T06:25:25Z

19 July 2012

Sorry, I just realized I hadn't updated. Crazy day yesterday. They got the hip back in place and Jim was able to come home last night. The surgical options the dr suggested were not acceptable. Jim's brace was adjusted to add additional restrictions to help prevent dislocation of the hip. He rested in bed most of the day but hope to get back to the PT tomorrow. He needs to at least keep the hip in place for 3-4 mos and then hip replacement after that. One more month and then PT for the neck.[...]

Posted 2012-07-18T03:33:01Z

17 July 2012

Jim was in bed in a bit of pain when I got home from work today. His hip looked suspicious so we left for Loma Linda Hospital in Murrieta. He just came back from getting a CT Scan and the hip came out of socket again. Have him on pain meds so he is comfortable. Hopefully they will get it back in place without too much problem. The ortho surgeon mentioned getting a more restrictive brace. I say put a cast on him so he doesn’t have to go through this again! Will keep you posted.[...]

Posted 2012-07-11T04:57:58Z

10 July 2012

Wheelchair ramps are in! Thanks Nate for researching them and Chris for installing. Jim made his way out the front door last night and was rewarded with a few minutes of fresh air.[...]

Posted 2012-07-09T03:11:14Z

Home :)

Jim got home Saturday around 2pm. He was very happy to be home and we believe his healing at home will be much more progressive than the last few weeks in the hospital. He is very mobile once in the wheel chair and gets around the house just fine.[...]

Posted 2012-07-04T00:40:03Z

Jims new date to come home

Saturdays surgery was a minor setback for jim. His femur came out of socket at some point this last week. It didnt require invasive surgery but did require some pulling and tugging to get it back into socket. He is now scheduled to come home this Saturday 7/7/12. Checkout around 11:00.[...]

Posted 2012-07-02T07:32:43Z

Jim Info

If you do not find enough information on Jims current status on this page, please call 951-541-7812 Chris Engel.[...]

Posted 2012-07-01T19:14:29Z

1 July 2012

Jim is pretty comfortable today as they have given his some strong pain med via iv. We have a family meeting with the Dr. tomorrow so should have info on new departure date etc.[...]

Posted 2012-06-30T21:12:49Z

30 June 2012

The Dr was able to work the hip bone back into place without an incision. Because the pelvis was so badly damaged and there was no connective tissue to hold the hip in place (front or back) reoccurrence is a big concern. Hip replacement is not an option at this time as the same problem would occur.[...]

Posted 2012-06-30T00:34:21Z

29 June 2012

Disappointing news when I arrived to the hospital this afternoon. Jim’s hip came out of the socket. We haven’t seen the surgeon yet so all we know is he will have surgery sometime in the morning. He was really looking forward to leaving next week. You can imagine he is very upset.[...]