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Jim Engel - Journal

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Posted 2012-06-07T20:53:25Z

7 June 2012

Jim is still waiting to go to the Rehabilitation floor. He has had a room waiting for him but we are still waiting for the insurance company authorization.[...]

Posted 2012-06-05T22:31:08Z

June 5th 2012 15:00

Jim is definitely more alert today. He got some medicine last night around 21:00 to help him sleep. Jim slept for most of the night which is a first since friday when his breathing tube was removed. He is answering questions more fully and enjoying the occasional family guy episode on his amazing 12" tv![...]

Posted 2012-06-04T04:26:58Z

3 June 9pm

Jim had a couple rough nights but he is doing much better today. He still has alot of drugs in his system so it is taking a while for him to comprehend what has happened. He has not been on any narcotic pain meds since yesterday morning and doesn't appear to be in much pain today which is pretty amazing considering the surgeries he has had. I'm sure once the drugs are out of his system he will need pain meds but it wont be the heavy duty stuff.[...]

Posted 2012-06-01T22:07:33Z

June 1st 2012 14:55

Jim has finally been taken off the propofol and his ventilator today around 09:00 and after about an hour and a half of jim breathing on his own and showing improvement they removed his breathing tube![...]

Posted 2012-06-01T03:41:43Z

May 31st 2012 20:25

Dr. Kaska just came into the surgery waiting room to let us know Jims surgery on his right knee and tibia fractures went well. They did find some additional injuries to his ligaments that they didn't know about, as they dont show up in x-rays. Everything was repaired to plan otherwise.[...]

Posted 2012-05-31T23:09:52Z

4pm 31 May 12

Ok its 4pm and still waiting for surgery. Had to get xrays, ultrasound and 2 more units of blood. Now waiting for a spot in surgery. Will keep you posted.[...]

Posted 2012-05-31T15:45:02Z

31 May 12 8:25am

Jim looks good this morning. Most of the damage was on his right side but they will xray his left foot and ankle to check for possible damage. Also watching bladder rupture as there is still some bleading from there. We'll be happy for this surgery to be over so that tube can be removed and we can see him awake.[...]

Posted 2012-05-31T00:02:15Z

30 May 2012

Jim’s vital signs are stable today. He was running a temp through the night but that has come down. Physical Therapy started range of motion with his good leg and arms. Of course the therapist was doing all the work. He is on his way now for radiation to his hip to prevent bone growth on the hipbone. He will have what we hope is the last surgery tomorrow at 1pm on his leg and knee. We hope they will be able to start taking him off sedation and remove the breathing tube Fri.[...]

Posted 2012-05-30T03:39:44Z

Hip/Pelvis Surgery complete

Jim is out of surgery. Unfortunately they could not continue with the leg and knee surgery. The damage to his pelvis was more extensive than expected and there may be some nerve damage. Time will tell. We should know in a day or two about the next surgery. He will continue to be heavily sedated. He will have a dose of radiation within the next day or two to prevent bone from forming around the hip bone.[...]