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Jim Engel - Journal

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Posted 2012-05-29T05:19:50Z

Accident Info

Some of you already know the details of the accident that Jim was in but for those that don’t I’m posting a little info.

Jim was one of eight passengers in a vanpool heading to work on Wed 23 May. About 20 min into their commute their van hit the rear of a gravel wagon pulled by a semi truck. The vanpool driver did swerve in and attempt to avoid the truck but was unsuccessful. The majority of the impact was on the passenger side where Jim was sitting.[...]

Posted 2012-05-29T00:21:02Z

28 May 2012

Jim is doing well after neck surgery yesterday. The doctors were thinking they would take out the breathing tube today so they took Jim off sedation for about an hour and he was breathing on his own with the breathing tube in. A good sign. However they were cleared for surgery and to leave the tube in. Surgery to repair his hip and pelvis is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:30am. It is a 6 hr surgery. If he is doing well a different surgeon will continue with repairs to the leg and knee which will add an additional 1 1/2 hrs. It will be a long day for Jim.[...]

Posted 2012-05-28T03:00:50Z

Afternoon, 5/27/12

Jim's surgery went well.  He is in recovery now.  Tomorrow the respirator will be taken out.  At that point, they will assess when the next surgeries will take place.   Diane, Jim's sister is there with Jim tonight and Joan will go home to get a nights sleep. [...]

Posted 2012-05-27T15:57:48Z

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jim just went into surgery.  He looked good and vitals were good.  Surgery is a little over 4 hours and give time for recovery room.  Jim's sister Diane got here yesterday.  The nurses here have been really good. [...]

Posted 2012-05-26T22:32:01Z

Update 5/26/12

Jim's neck surgery is now scheduled for 8am tomorrow, Sunday.  Because of ligament damage they will have to do the more invasive surgery from the back of his neck, posterior fusion with screws.  Unfortunately, this will leave him with limited neck movement but was really the only choice.  As always thanks for your continued prayers and support.[...]