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Posted 2012-12-26T21:01:47Z

Out of Surgery, Into Recovery Room

Jim is out of surgery. All went well. They removed one screw that was in the way and pushed another to make room. Couldn't remove more because his hip hasn't totally healed yet. The surgeon handed me a jar with the one screw because Jim said he wanted a souvenir if the opportunity arose. He may have a little collection after his knee surgery next yr.[...]

Posted 2012-12-26T17:58:59Z

Total Hip Replacement Surgery, 26 Dec 2012

We arrived at Balboa Hospital at 5:30 this morning for Jim’s surgery. He was very nervous about going in for this surgery. He was hoping they would give him an IV cocktail before doing the epidural but no such luck. He has several Drs working together for this surgery; 2 Orthopedic and 2 Trauma Surgeons, plus 1 Orthopedic Resident and 2 nurses assisting. They took him into surgery at 7:30 and started the procedure around 9am. Please keep Jim and the dr’s in your prayers today.[...]

Posted 2012-12-14T16:34:00Z

14 Dec 2012

Good Morning.

I took Jim to Balboa Hospital yesterday for pr- op workups for a surgery that was scheduled for Monday. Yes I said was. Since Balboa was not previously involved in Jim’s medical issues they were not fully aware of the complications. Jim spent the night and met with the Drs early this morning. The surgery is postponed until 26 Dec in order for them to bring in specialist and obtain the medical devices required for the hip replacement. Since Jim’s hip isn’t fully healed the surgeons have to work around all those screws and plates in order to get the replacement where it needs to be without further damaging the hip itself. It would be a simpler procedure if his hip was fully healed and they could remove the hardware from the previous surgery. Some screws and plates will need to be cut but still secured to allow stability of the hip. Since Jim can’t extend his knee due to those injuries further complicates the hip recuperation process.[...]

Posted 2012-12-12T23:57:31Z

Jim's post on 12/12/12

Boy perserverance is my middle name. Doctors, Doctors office schedulers, and insurance companies. I received a phone call today from a doctor who performs orthopedic surgery at Blaboa Naval hospital in San Diego.[...]

Posted 2012-12-02T15:10:56Z

Dec 2, 2012

We received bad news last week, Jim’s hip is dislocated again. We are working insurance issues and waiting for a surgery date which should be within the next couple weeks. He will have a full hip replacement and build up of the hip. The surgeon said he will probably have surgery on his knee sometime after the hip and may need knee replacement as well.[...]