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Posted 2012-06-30T21:12:49Z

30 June 2012

The Dr was able to work the hip bone back into place without an incision. Because the pelvis was so badly damaged and there was no connective tissue to hold the hip in place (front or back) reoccurrence is a big concern. Hip replacement is not an option at this time as the same problem would occur.[...]

Posted 2012-06-30T00:34:21Z

29 June 2012

Disappointing news when I arrived to the hospital this afternoon. Jim’s hip came out of the socket. We haven’t seen the surgeon yet so all we know is he will have surgery sometime in the morning. He was really looking forward to leaving next week. You can imagine he is very upset.[...]

Posted 2012-06-25T21:38:58Z

25 June 2012

Hi everyone. What a difference a couple days make! Jim improves daily. Still alot of pain in his hip and leg but overall good progress. You may see notes from him on this site in the near future.[...]

Posted 2012-06-21T00:31:52Z

20 June 2012

Jim is getting stronger and is working on upper body strength, putting weight on his left leg, and pivioting in and out of the wheelchair.Getting a good night sleep is still an issue but hopefully the daily PT and some new meds will help with that. Jim and the Dr had a good talk today and Jim will work to acheive set physical goals to get a release date a few days prior to the 4th of July. Jim is anxious to get home. He still struggles with some memory loss but it appears to be mostly short term memory. He has started using his cell phone so you may receive a call from him in the near future but please don't flood him with calls just yet. He still needs some time to heal.[...]

Posted 2012-06-18T19:46:55Z

18 June 2012

We had a nice lunch on the patio yesterday. Jim enjoyed the fresh air and having all his family together. Still not much of an appetite but he did have a few bites.[...]

Posted 2012-06-17T04:29:12Z

16 Jun 2012

Jim had a rough night last night. Hope tonight is better. Christopher is staying with Jim tonight. We received permission to take Jim to the 4th floor patio for lunch tomorrow. Still doesn't have much of an appitite but we’ll tempt him with KFC and strawberry pie :) [...]

Posted 2012-06-15T14:20:38Z

June 15th 2012

I got off work yesterday and drove to the hospital to see Jim. Walking into his room I wasn’t sure what to expect since I hadn’t seen him since the morning prior. He was not happy. Since it was around dinnertime two nurses helped him into a wheelchair and we went to the dining area. They brought his dinner but he was not having any of it. He has not been eating much of anything since coming to the Rehab Dept. and it shows. He has lost at least 20 lbs. I walked him to the “balcony” (6x5 outdoor entrance to stairway) thinking the fresh air would feel nice. All he wanted to do was get back into bed. At this point I’m thinking it would be a good time for me to run to the store to pick up some loose fitting clothes that he can easily slide into for PT. The nurse said he asked for some dill pickles so I thought I’d pick up those and anything else that might help his appetite.[...]

Posted 2012-06-12T20:25:09Z

12 Jun 2012

Woo Hoo! Jim passed the "swallow" test. He can now eat regular food and drink unthickened water and juices. He also had all staples and stitches removed this morning.[...]

Posted 2012-06-12T03:54:51Z

11 Jun 2012

Jim has been sleeping a little better the past couple nights. The Physical Therapist was getting ready to start working with Jim when I came into his room this afternoon. I could swear he was playing possum to get out of therapy   :)  Due to the brain trauma therapist are also working with Jim on his memory problems and daily tasks.[...]

Posted 2012-06-09T17:40:16Z

9 June am

Jim slept good last night. The first time since he's been off the ventilator. The Physical Therapist just got him into a wheel chair. Yes! The first of many little steps on the road to recovery. He was a little dizzy as he has been horizontal for so long. There is a little balcony so we went for some fresh air. A welcome change for Jim.[...]